4 meter Dutch Passion AutoXtreme

Amazing 15 foot autoflowering plant

The other day I was lucky enough to be invited to see something rather special growing in a greenhouse in Belgium. I was told I could photograph some nice autoflowering plants. Nothing prepared me for what I was about to see. 4 meter Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Believe it or not the top of this plant, nearly touching the roof of this greenhouse, is an autoflowering plant.

The greenhouse was a repurposed, agricultural 4.5 meter high glass house, growing some ginormous cannabis plants. I was unsure how I would react on entering this place. I strongly wanted to keep my cool but ended up blurting out “Oh my god, I’ve dreamed of this place since I was 15 years old, it’s like paradise!”  The vast space with its white floors and painted white windows dotted with huge cannabis plants felt like heaven.

Inside was a 4 meter autoflowering plant that came from a Dutch Passion AutoXtreme seed. I left my tripod next to the plant to give a sense of scale. The roof is 4.5 meters tall (nearly 15 feet). 4 meter Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Close up of one of the huge colas. 4 meter Dutch Passion AutoXtreme You can see in this macro shot that this plant was just about ready to be harvested. It is definitely an autoflowering plant as the photoperiod plants growing in the same place were just entering pre-flowering. 4 meter Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Here the measuring tape shows the width to be well over 1.5 meters. 4 meter Dutch Passion AutoXtreme The trunk is pretty impressive too. So much for autoflowering plants being seen as little runts. 4 meter Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Do you think you have what it takes to grow a monster like this? You can buy your own Dutch Passion AutoXtreme seeds from Herbies.

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2 thoughts on “Amazing 15 foot autoflowering plant”

  1. i thought this was an April fool’s day joke so i scrolled back to check the date.This is unbelievable is this for real?

    1. Yes, I saw it flowering with my own eyes, at a time all the photoperiod plants were still in vegetative growth. It seemed to be a freak of nature.

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