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10 reasons to grow your own autoflowering cannabis

There’s a multitude of reasons why someone would want to grow cannabis on a windowsill, balcony or terrace. Here’s 10 of them.

1 – It’s a fun and rewarding hobby.

2 – It’s educational.
You will have to learn all the basics of growing cannabis. You’ll learn about the lifecycle, you’ll learn about trimming, drying and curing. If you decide to scale up and invest in a larger grow operation, you’ll know all the basics and be able to cope with your first grow a lot better than other newcomers would.

3 – You get all you can grow for the price of a seed.
Which works out less than 1 EUR/USD per gram. You can buy seeds from Herbies Cannabis Seeds.

4 – It’s eco friendly.
No lights and expensive energy bills to worry about. You’re dealing with the minimum amount of fertilizers (recommended to go organic).

5 – It’s as stealth as you can get.
Obviously there are certain steps you should take to hide what you are doing to the outside world, but it is not hard to make it invisible to a passersby or guests. Even if it is discovered…

6 – It’s unlikely to land you in jail.
You have one small plant growing on your windowsill. You are definitely not big time. Chances are it would be laughed out of court. IMPORTANT: check the laws and penalties in your state or country before importing or germinating cannabis seeds.

7 – Investment is minimal.
Not only that, everything can be reused. Remember you also have no expensive energy costs.

8 – You can grow with a small space.
All you need is a sunny window, conservatory, balcony, yard or greenhouse.

9 – You get good quality product.
You know exactly what went in it. Nothing is more satisfying than getting high from your own home grown dried cannabis flowers.

10 – You don’t need to associate with criminals.
You don’t need to buy it from criminals and you don’t need to sell it to criminals.

Now you know the advantages why not try your own?

My book Windowsill Weed: A home growers cannabis journey explains why and how I came about growing cannabis naturally at home. It’ll teach you everything you need to know from seed selection right through to harvest and beyond.

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