Fall’s the time to find the best autoflowering seeds for next season

AutoBlueberry grown in a small lean-to greenhouse.

If you are wanting to grow some autoflowering plants naturally (ie under the sun) over the next summer season then the fall is the best time to start figuring out what you should grow. I’ll explain why and include some tips on finding the right strain for you.

If you life in the northern hemisphere then the best time to plant seeds that are growing under the natural sun is April or May. You are aiming for when there is 15 hours of sunlight each day or more. However, it’s not a good idea to wait until that time for buying your seeds. The reason being is that all the best seeds will have sold out already and your choice will be limited. Best thing is to start researching now what you want to grow then tracking them down from an online seed bank.

In the next month or so the fresh seeds from this years crop will be hitting the seed banks. Autoflowering strains are relatively new so each year more strains are hitting the market and those that are already on the market are further stabilized, meaning that you are more likely to germinate and when it germinates it’ll be more likely to reflect the description from the seed bank.

How to choose the best seeds for you?

Followers of this site know that for easy growing for regular people is as simple as popping an autoflowering seed in a pot. See the Windowsill Weed book for more details on autoflowering plants and how best to grow them. Nowadays, seed companies have bred the genetics of the most popular strains into autoflowering seeds. Here’s a few tips on how to identify the best strain for you.

What is your favorite strain?

See if an autoflowering strain exists for your favorite weed. If you find it, buy it fast as the most popular can sell out quickly.

What effects do you want? helps you find the best strains for you based on the effects you desire.

If you are wanting specific effects from your home grown cannabis and don’t know which strain is right for you try listing out the effects that you want from the strain. For example, something that helps you sleep, or eat or laugh. Once you have the criteria search on to find some suitable strains. Leafly sorts strains by moods, activities, medicinal qualities and more criteria. Then search for autoflowering examples of those strains in a reputable seed bank.  If you find a few popular strains there is a good chance that an autoflowering version exists.

Where will you grow?

Cannabis loves as much light as you can give it. The further away from the equator you get the more likely you’ll do better with indica dominant strains. Strains such as “AutoMazar” do very well in northern Europe. If you are lucky and live in sunnier climates then you could try your hand as sativa dominant strains. A popular sativa autoflowering strain is “Think Different” which has a high THC content.

To recap, now is the time to at least start researching what strains you want to buy. Fresh seeds are hitting the market now and will start to sell out over the coming months. Order now and you’ll have your seeds waiting for you to germinate in late spring or early summer.

Storing your seeds

To make sure your seeds germinate next year you must store them correctly. Seeds like to be kept in a cool, dark place. A normal fridge is ideal. Keep the seeds in their original packaging and make sure that they do not get wet. If the packaging is transparent you may want to put them in a box such as an empty stock cube, chocolate slab or medicine box. This also disguises it.

Above all, don’t stress over it. If you are drawn to a certain strain give it a go and see if it works for you. It’ll take a few seasons to get to grips with each strain so best to start as soon as you can.

All you need is a seed, a sunny spot and an hour or so free time per week.

For more grow tips for your windowsill, conservatory, balcony, roof terrace, greenhouse or yard check out the official Windowsill Weed book “Windowsill Weed: a home growers cannabis journey“.

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