How to make cannabis oil (without blowing yourself up)

One of the most effective ways to use cannabis as a medicine is to ingest cannabis oil. This can be used for treating a whole host of illnesses from anxiety right through to terminal cancer. I am not a doctor so I am in no position to give medical advice, however, if your research has pointed you in the direction of treatment with cannabis oil here are a couple of videos that may be very useful.

Both these techniques use pure alcohol to extract the cannabis essential oils and cannabinoids from the plant matter. Essentially, you end up with the same product as Rick Simpson’s oil but can do it on a smaller scale and the process is less hazardous. The great thing about these guides is that they show how to make relatively small batches of oil.

Also, well worth a read is this article by Wernard Bruining which goes into more details on dosage and administration. He also has a slightly different technique which you might find more convenient.

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