Strain Hunters: All expedition movies on one page

Here’s all the Strain Hunters documentaries on one page. Arjan and Franco from Green House Seed Company travel round the globe gathering quality stock for their seed bank. They also do a nice line of autoflowering seeds.

[Full movie] Strain Hunters: Jamaica (2014)

Strain Hunters get the Jamaican vibes from their friends Bigga, Shanti, Nampo and Taleban.

[Full movie] Strain Hunters: Kings of Cannabis (2013)

Strain Hunters hooked up with Vice in Columbia for this expedition. Vice’s wonderful production values make the latest adventure really shine.

[Full movie] Strain Hunters: Swaziland (2012)

Swaziland is a small country landlocked between South Africa and Mozambique, with just over 1 million inhabitants. Swaziland produces very large amounts of cannabis considering the limited geographical extension it occupies. According to the United Nations Drug Report of 2008, Swaziland is in the top-5 cannabis producing countries on the African continent.

[Full movie] Strain Hunters: Trinidad & St. Vincent (2011)

The Strain Hunters have found a new Strain Hunter, Dr. Green. Check out their latest adventures in Trinidad and St. Vincent. See how they grow weed in paradise. See how the strong enforcement of prohibition in Trinidad has an effect on the whole ambiance of the island. Meanwhile on St Vincent a more liberal attitude has a positive effect.

[Full movie] Strain Hunters: Morocco (2010)

The Strain Hunters are back on their quest to find the best hashish and landraces on the planet. This time they visit Rif, a relatively small mountain region in the North of Morocco which produces up to 70% of the world’s hashish. See the semi-autoflowering Moroccan landraces and also the high yield imported Pakistani and Afghanistani crops. We also learn about different genetics, philosophies of production and the manufacturing process of hashish itself. 

[Full movie] Strain Hunters: India (2009)

Arjan and Franco team up with Italian cannabis author and connoisseur Franco Casalone on a trip to the Indian side of the Himalayas. Home of the best charras and creams hashish. In the mountains and valleys of Himachal Pradesh they meet the best growers and charras makers.

[Full movie] Strain Hunters: Africa (2008)

Arjan and Franco set out on a quest to find seeds of the original Malawi sativa land race to add to the Green House Seed Companies seed bank. This weed is known throughout the world as Malawi Gold and Malawi Black. Franco says “The Malawi Gold high is incredibly clear, intense, long lasting, and very complex.” The black is more fermented and “has a very earthy, almost mouldy taste, and a much more stoned and body-like effect.” 

Check out all the Greenhouse Seeds Co autoflowering strains or all the Strain Hunters strains.

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