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Ask Percy: how to avoid cannabis plant stretching on a windowsill

Billy asks, “I tried growing some autos on my windowsill, I had some success in that they grew but I chopped them too early being too eager so the buds had very very little to no effect at all (as in a high). But I remember they stretched so much reaching for the light is there any way around this? Thanks”

Hi Billy

Glad to hear that you did a grow and thanks for sharing your results.

I hope you’re not put off with the end smoke. Each grow is an experience to help you make the next one better. It’s a learning process.

A plant will stretch to get more light. It needs light to grow, just as much as it needs food, so the stem stretches to get the leaves into the sun.

Only way to stop the stretch is to make sure the plant has the maximum sunlight possible. Needs to be a south facing window. Or put it in an east facing window in the morning and move to the west in the afternoon – you’re aiming for 15-16 hours of sun per day (so basically as much as you can).

Use the seasons to your advantage. Start to grow late spring/early summer and allow to grow over the summer when there is more natural sunlight.

Indica dominant strains tend to get less stretch than sativas so look out for indica dominant autoflowering seeds. I’ve had great results with Dutch Passion seeds.

Don’t forget to be patient before harvesting. The white pistols should all be wilted and brown. Trichomes on the buds should be turning milky (from clear) and some should be starting to turn red/brown. The longer you leave it the more body stone you will experience (great for insomniacs) or harvest a little earlier for a more cerebral high. If you can’t see with the naked eye invest in  a magnifying loupe 30-60x, ones with built in LEDs are handy.

Happy growing


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