The Windowsill Weed Manifesto

When I started to grow I was confined to the windowsill of a city apartment. Since then I’ve graduated and now have my cannabis garden in a modest greenhouse. I put the plants out in the sun in the yard or vegetable patch when the weather’s right.

The title windowsill weed should not be taken literally. It’s a reference to how I learned to grow and also proof of how easy it is to grow cannabis.

My mission is to get the best out of growing cannabis within the following constraints which I’m going to give the grandiose title of “The Windowsill Weed Manifesto”.

The grow must be :

#1 100% Organic

This means the medium that the plant grows in, any additional nutrients added and pest control.

#2 Use natural light (from the sun)

Can grow in a window, balcony, terrace, yard or greenhouse.

#3 Autoflowering

I’m gonna focus on growing autoflowering cannabis. This is because I think it has advantages to the casual grower over regular cannabis plants. Most notably their quick finishing time and compact size. I find what I grow is strong enough to get me to where I want to be. The higher CBD percentage is also a positive point for me.

#4 Grown within legal limits

In Belgium it is decriminalised for an adult to grow one mature female cannabis plant. Given how open I am about my activities it’s wise that I stick to this limit. Depending on where you live your limit may be higher. Ideally, this limit would be raised to at least 5 plants.

Within this site I explore how to get the best results I can within the four constraints of this manifesto.

If you are interested in finding out my cannabis growing journey then I invite you to check out my book Windowsill Weed: a home growers cannabis journey. It has loads of info to convince you that growing naturally at home is the best way to go for your personal cannabis supply.

Is there anyone out there who’s growing under these restraints? I’d love to hear about your experiences. If so, please share with us all in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “The Windowsill Weed Manifesto”

  1. Im about to start growing for the first time. The seed is germinating now and should be ready to plant indoors tomorrow on my window sill. This is a master kush feminised plant I will be growing but next time I will look for indica dominant autoflowering seeds. How long do you think I should keep the plant indoors before replanting it out doors in a 19L fabric bag? I am using canna coco medium. What would you advise i do differently?

    1. Sorry for long time to answer. I’m afraid I didn’t have enough info to give a proper answer. I’m not sure where you are based but March is very early to start things off in this way. Would be interesting to hear how things went. I would not advise putting plants outside until there is no chance of frost. Here in Belgium that is around mid May. Also, I would suggest trying autoflowering seeds, they are great for beginner growers. It’s not too late to start one now. Happy growing, Percy

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