Germinated cannabis seed

Time to germinate and get your grow on

Germinated cannabis seed

Spring is well and truly in the air (if you live in the northern hemisphere).  It’s time to think about germinated your seeds for an autoflowering summer harvest in case you have not already.

Cannabis seeds from Herbies

In case you haven’t ordered yet then now’s the time. Here’s a great selection of autoflowering cannabis seeds from Herbies seeds.

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2 thoughts on “Time to germinate and get your grow on”

  1. Hi Percy,

    I didn’t know when to start so have two little plants on the go already. I planted 1 x Moby Dick and 1 x Haze 2.0, both feminized autoflowers from Dinafem, at the beginning of April and they broke through the soil on April 10.

    They seem quite small/slow for two weeks growth from what I’ve been reading. They only have one and half sets of proper hemp shaped leaves, and are about 6 inches tall. Although they seem quite happy and healthy is a south facing window in the South of the UK.

    I don’t think they’ll triple in size in a week, and I’m concerned that they wont grow enough in veg to yield anything, considering I’ve been reading that many autos start to flower in 3-4 weeks.

    Did I start to early?

    Also, I have a small greenhouse but it’s still quite cold in the evening, too cold for my chillies! Would you recommend taking them out to the greenhouse where it gets up to 30C in the day, and then bringing them in in the evenings?

    Thanks for your help and for the great site. I stumbled upon it tonight and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Just the kind of relaxed “try and see” approach I’m taking to my humble little home grow. Cheers!

    1. Hi Briz

      Thanks for the kind words! Great questions, I think I’ll use this for the next “Ask percy” post. I’ll write this up tomorrow. In the meantime just keep em going and don’t panic. I think they are just stretching a little due to lack of light. This is not saying that there is not enough light but they always want more. I would say getting them in the greenhouse for at least 6 hours a day of sun would be beneficial. If they start to flop over you can use a wooden skewer to prop them up or even add more soil around the base so the stretch is not so pronounced. Anyway, I’ll give a lot more details tomorrow and link up this comment to the post.

      (here’s the link to the post)

      Thanks for the questions and good luck with it all.

      All the best


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